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  • assignmentFriday, January 4th 2019 - New Job: Associate Vice President - Institutional Research & Decision Support Services...

    This position, which reports to the President and is a member of the Executive Cabinet, will actively collaborate with the President and senior leadership. This position is the Chief Data Officer for the College and manages data as an integral

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  • assignmentThursday, January 3rd 2019 - New Job: Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness...


    Provide leadership and administrative oversight of the Institutional Research, Student Learning Assessment, Articulation, and Curriculum Research and Operations departments as well as the Data Collection Center of Oakland Community College. Provide leadership in

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  • assignmentThursday, December 20th 2018 - New Job: Research and Assessment Associate...



    • Bachelor’s degree


    • Experience in data collection, analysis, and report development
    • Experience using data analytics software and technologies including SPSS, Argos, SQL, and MS

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  • present_to_allWednesday, November 21st 2018 - New Presentation: Use of a Decision Theory model for validating math course placement test...

    The primary goal of this study was to assess the validity of a standardized math test (ALEKS) as a means of math

    placement. We also examined the predictive value of other measures (ACT math, SAT math, and high school GPA).

    The dataset consisted of all new Washtenaw Community College students who took ALEKS in the 2017 calendar year

    (n=1,290). Following the method of recent national studies, we used decision theory (Sawyer, 1989, 1996) to calculate

    predicted probability of success or non-success in college level math courses. Predicted accuracy rate is the extent that

    the placement test accurately assigns students to the correct course level. Accuracy rates using the criterion of C or

    higher as success were low. This was primarily due to underplacement. Optimal cut scores were calculated that would

    increase accuracy rates. It was also found that high school GPA was a better predictor of math course grade, first

    semester college GPA, and first semester credits earned than ALEKS, ACT Math, and SAT Math scores.

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  • present_to_allWednesday, November 21st 2018 - New Presentation: Data Visualization for IR...

    As institutional researchers, we are used to seeing data in tables, charts, and graphs, but not all audiences absorb information in the same way. Increasingly for many, bite sized data points are preferred. However, when information is trimmed down, data points can lose context. That’s where infographics and other forms of data visualization come in as a tool to visually communicate complex data that can tell a story (and sometimes a story within a story). This session will show how to use tools readily available to all institutional researchers (Excel and Word) to improve how IR offices communicate and relay data. This session provides examples published by Michigan State University’s Institutional Studies office and the thoughts, tools, process, and shift in mindset that went into their creation and use.

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