Associate Vice President - Institutional Research & Decision Support Services

Mott Community College

Posted on: 2018-08-29 14:05:22

Application due date: 24 September, 2018

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Job description:

This position, which reports to the President and is a member of the Executive Cabinet, will actively collaborate with the President and senior leadership. This position is the Chief Data Officer for the College and manages data as an integral College asset. This is a key leadership position providing decision support studies to aid stakeholders in using data to inform decision-making to support student success, strategic planning, accreditation, and effective use of resources. This position leads efforts to encourage a culture of strategic and data-informed decision-making throughout the College. A significant focus is placed on building relationships with individuals throughout the institution, understanding data and information structures and capacities, and connecting disparate pieces of information.

This position supports a broad range of strategic and operational initiatives, projects, and programs by analyzing data and using predictive analytics to forecast trends, makes recommendations for program and operational needs, offers and formulates solution options for departmental and operational goals and objectives, uses predictive analytics to forecast trends, all of which have a direct impact on College revenue projections, program offerings and its workforce (which includes numerous mandatory topics of bargaining, such as: positions within bargaining units, employee pay and benefits, and staffing levels and assignments).

This position is accountable for the College systems and processes that result in data analysis, business intelligence and strategic information resources, provided to both internal and external stakeholders. This position is responsible for utilizing qualitative and quantitative data collection, retrieval, and analysis techniques. The position is responsible for serving as the central clearinghouse for college-wide reporting. The planning, organizing, leading and decision-support systems compose the primary scope of the position and include ensuring data integrity, statistical analysis and reporting, and other data-intensive college initiatives. Core data and analyses are developed to respond to Federal, State and local entities, accreditation requirements, internal standard and ad hoc reports.

This position supervises two (2) full-time staff in the department.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Master’s degree in information technology, social science research, education, or related field
2. Five years’ experience in administration of analytical systems, institutional research or decision support services.
3. Five years’ experience in strategic leadership with detailed involvement in support of accountabilities and compliance, can be concurrent with #2.
4. More than three years of supervisory/managerial experience including budgeting and human resource responsibilities, can be concurrent with #2.