Business Intelligence Analyst

Northwestern Michigan College

Posted on: 2017-04-10 19:19:21

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The primary role of the Business Intelligence Analyst (BIA) is to serve as the primary contact for providing institutional data to the state and federal government and accreditation agencies. Additionally, this position is responsible to investigate, design, plan, conduct, and communicate findings and insights from the thoughtful analysis of large and/or complex databases of information for the purposes of informing decision making and ensuring accurate and meaningful data reporting. The BIA is responsible for designing charts, graphs and dashboards that provide clear, accessible information. Specifically, the BIA is responsible for providing database system support suitable for applied statistical analyses using SPSS, excel, or R, that contributes to the production and efficiency of institutional research and analysis by assisting in the development of online data delivery tools and resources across various database management systems using Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. The BIA works collaboratively with key internal peers, specifically those in IT (e.g. programmer/analysts), and internal users of NMC data. The position will also interact on a regular basis with institutional research and data analytics peers locally, state-wide, and nationally to advise and collaborate on data mining efforts through such groups as AIR, MCCCARE, MCCDEC, and MIAIR.